Article 1 – General Points is a site managed by Avion Rouge, registered with the Registraire des enterprises du Québec under the number 1144849651.

All orders of photograph prints placed, indicate full and total acceptance of the terms of sale in force.

Grizzly Montréal reserves the right to modify at any time these terms and conditions. If modified, the general conditions of sale in force at the time of placing the order will be applied.

All visuals, photographs, technical data, weights, measurements, and other descriptions, texts, drawings, or photographs available on the Grizzly Montréal site are given for informational purposes only.



Article 2 – Intellectual Property

All texts, logos, drawings, and photographs included on the website or disseminated by email are the freehold of Grizzly Montréal and the photographers who are the authors of the said photographs. Any reproduction, in whole or in part is prohibited without prior permission of Grizzly Montréal.



Article 3 – Products

Grizzly Montréal sells professional quality photographs, printed on paper using inkjet technique.


Article 3.1 – Certificate of Authenticity

The prints come with a certificate of authenticity. The certificate includes the title of the work, the name of the photographer, the printing techniques used (printer, paper type, ink), the laboratory name, the printing date, the print number and total number of prints. It also includes the signature of the photographer, and a hologram which is also found on the back of the print.

Article 3.2 – Photographer Guarantee

By contract, the photographer declares that s/he is the author of the photograph that s/he sells through Grizzly Montréal, and warrants that s/he owns all copyrights.

The photographer guarantees in particular:

  • that s/he has, under no circumstances, transferred, nor will transfer, the copyrights to a third party (Exclusive Warranty);
  • that the photograph does not contain anything likely to violate the rights of others and lead to lawsuits, including plagiarism, forgery or civil liability;
  • that the s/he has the necessary waivers and release forms signed by individuals who might appear in the photograph, including the exploitation of their image.

The photographer agrees to be held financially and legally responsible in case of non-compliance with these commitments, and to indemnify Grizzly Montréal against all third party claims.

Article 3.3 – Limits of the Exclusive Warranty

The photographer retains the right to print or have printed for her/him three artist’s proofs, which will have to be identified as such by the numbering AP/1 AP/2, and AP/3. These prints may be part of a public exhibition.

The photographer also retains the right to publish, or have the photographs sold by Grizzly Montréal, published in a book, magazine, website, or other media, including against payment.

Article 3.4 – Compliance of the Print

The print is sold as it appears on the site However, Grizzly Montréal cannot be held responsible for minor differences resulting from printing technology, which may exist between the image presented on the site and the print.


Article 4 – Orders

The products are sold within the limits of available stocks. The final validation of the order is concluded after approval of payment. Following the validation of your order, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided. The message will indicate the references and main specifications of the photographic prints, as well as any eventual delivery terms.


Article 5 – Price

All prices listed on the site are in Canadian dollars, excluding taxes, shipping, and custom fees. Prices may be modified at any time, but these changes will not affect orders already placed.

Article 5.1 – Taxes

The amount of taxes to be paid is determined by the shipping address: GST and PST are applied to shipping addresses located in Québec, GST only to shipping addresses located in the rest of Canada. For the rest of the world addresses, no tax applies.

Article 5.2 – Shipping Fees

In addition to the price of the items (and taxes if any), you must contribute financially towards shipping fees and the processing of your order. The amount will be specified on the order before its validation.

Article 5.3 – Custom Fees

Custom fees, where applicable, are the responsibility of the customer.



Article 6 – Payment

Settlement of purchases is made mainly through the secure payment systemPayPal. For more information on PayPal, see Securing Payment.

The buyer may however choose another method of payment. For this, the buyer must specify the prefered method of payment in step”Order Confirmation”. The buyer choosing a different method of payment must still confirm the order to validate it.



Article 7 – Delivery

Grizzly Montréal delivers in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Delivery may take 1-3 weeks depending on country of delivery.

Shipping fees depend on the country and region of delivery, and the shipping method. Grizzly Montréal cannot be held responsible for items after they have been delivered to the transport company. Grizzly Montréal disclaims any liability for delay, loss or damage in transport. In case of dispute, the customer must deal with the company responsible for the routing of the package. Delivery cannot be ensured in case of force majeure.



Article 8 – Exchange or Refund

The client has fifteen (15) days after the purchase to request an exchange or a refund of any photographic prints ordered at Grizzly Montréal. This request must be made in writing and by returning the products to Grizzly Montréal.

The customer must specify its name, contact details, the purchase order number, and the reason for the return and, where applicable, the details of the print ordered in exchange. If the return of merchandise is due to damage to the quality or manufacturing problem, Grizzly Montréal will pay the shipping costs. In other cases, return shipping is the responsibility of the customer. Items returned damaged, soiled or damaged by customers are not accepted. For exchanges, the customer will pay a lump sum contribution to postage and processing of the request. Refund of the item price will be made within thirty (30) days of receipt of the photographic prints in their original condition by Grizzly Montréal. If returns are abnormal or abusive, Grizzly Montréal reserves the right to refuse a subsequent order.



Article 9 – Site availability

Grizzly Montréal makes every effort to ensure the safety and quality of navigation on its site. However, Grizzly Montréal does not guarantee access to the site will be uninterrupted or error free, or that the site is free of viruses or others harmful components.

Grizzly Montréal makes no warranty, express or implied, and specifically excludes all warranties regarding the availability and compliance functions of the site and the site’s ability to meet expectations or needs of the user. Grizzly Montréal cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect result of the inability of the user to use the site.



Article 10 – Applicable Law

In case of dispute, an amicable solution will be sought before any legal action. Any dispute concerning the site is governed by federal and provincial laws of Canada. The courts of the judicial district of Montréal have sole jurisdiction.