Our concept

Founded by image über-enthusiasts, Grizzly Montréal produces limited edition fine art photographic prints for museums, galleries and collectors, while making these prints available to a wider audience of aficionados.

Whether to build a collection or follow a whim, you can now adorn your walls with true works of photographic art.



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What exactly are fine art prints?

Fine art prints are premium-quality photographic images generated using high-performance printers, archive-quality, pH-neutral, and light-fast archival inks. Our choices: the Epson Stylus Pro 9900, Hahnemühle PhotoRag 308, and Ultrachrome HDR.

For framed works and prints without frame, we use Hahnemühle PhotoRag 308 100% cotton paper, and for face mounting we use Magic Siena 200L paper.

But while technology is important, it is nothing without the know-how of the people behind the prints. Grizzly Montréal partners with digital print shop Alix & Gagné Inc, the specialists Montreal’s photographers have turned to for decades.

Rare, exclusive, certified authentic artworks

The value of a work of art is partly a function of its rarity. For that reason, the photos in our catalogue are available in limited editions of no more than 30 prints. Once an edition is sold out, that photograph will never be available for purchase again.

Each print in a given edition is numbered and signed by the photographer, who grants us the exclusive right to print and sell the photo. When you purchase a photo from us, you can be sure that it will not be available anywhere else. Note, however, that photographers retain the right to print three artist’s proofs of each of their works for personal use, such as in an exhibit, as well as to publish their photos in books, magazines, on the Web and so on.

Lastly, all works sold by Grizzly Montréal come with a certificate of authenticity, a document containing security features to protect against forgery, including a customized watermark and fluorescent fibres integrated into the paper. Signed by the photographer, the certificate identifies the photo (title, date) and the edition (print format, number of the print, date of printing, as well as paper, ink and printer data). The certificate includes a numbered security hologram, a duplicate of which is affixed to the back of the photograph. Furthermore, Grizzly Montréal registers each photograph’s certificate of authenticity with paper manufacturer Hahnemühle, thereby further officializing the registration.


Our photographers: renowned artists and rising stars

Grizzly provides both established photographers and up-and-comers with greater visibility. We choose our artists based on the depth of their artistic process. Explore their works and let your emotions guide you.


Griffez vos murs !