What is a certificate of authenticity?2019-10-13T17:45:03-05:00

The authenticity of each print sold by Grizzly Montréal is guaranteed by a certificate designed by our supplier of high quality paper, Hahnemühle. 

The certificate of authenticity presented by Grizzly Montréal with each print is a secure document against forgery by a watermark and fluorescent fibers embedded in paper. Signed by the photographer, he mentions the characteristics of the photo (title, date) and those of the print (size, number in the series, the date of printing, reference paper, ink and printer).

To positively establish the link with the print itself, the certificate includes a numbered hologram security, which is double bonded to the back of the photo. A security hologram is a multichannel image, produced using a special printing process, each layer is only visible at an angle.

To complete the process, the certificate of authenticity for each photo sold is recorded by Grizzly Montréal with Hahnemühle, giving it an official character and unquestionable.

Why offer signed photographic prints in limited edition?2019-10-11T16:34:04-05:00

At Grizzly Montréal, we not only offer photographs, we offer photographic works of art. Photography is an art form, defined by light, space and time where human sensitivity, curiosity, aesthetics is expressed; the research of the expression of the human soul.

Photographic works deserve better than to be reproduced in millions of copies and sold as trinkets in the stores. That’s why the prints on the site of Grizzly Montréal are deliberately limited to 30 copies and numbered.

The photographers who make their works available to Grizzly Montréal guarantee to us strict exclusivity. Moreover, each print is signed by the author, and a certificate of authenticity based on a holographic process guarantees its origin.

For this requirement, Grizzly Montréal committed in the promotion of art photographers. This is our signature and the one who will make them unique walls of your home or your business.

What is the long-term preservation of your prints?2019-10-11T16:24:41-05:00

According to Wilhelm Imaging Research an authority on archival and preservation for the photographic, digital, and printing industries, the combination of Hahnemühle PhotoRag and UltraChrome K3 allows, when the photographic prints are displayed or stored in museological conditions, a print permanence of over 200 years.

What is a state-of-the-art photographic print?2019-10-11T16:34:13-05:00

There are as many different quality level of printing as there are printers.

Because we believe that your home or business deserve upscale quality, we offer you avant-garde printing process.

We print on Hahnemühle PhotoRag 308, 100% cotton, acid free using an Epson Stylus Pro 9900 printer. We use archival quality UltraChrome HDR inkjet technology known for best quality output and longevity enabling the display of prints for the most demanding clients.

Beyond the obvious technical expectancy of our clients, Grizzly Montréal is proud to work in collaboration with long-established and renown digital print shop Alix & Gagné Inc.

The convergence of technology and professionalism determines what we rightly consider an upscale photographic print.

What if I have specific needs (format, paper, frame, etc.)?2019-10-11T16:34:38-05:00

Customer service is of the utmost importance. We are available to discuss your specific needs and will be happy to answer your query. Call us at 514-998-3748.

Does Grizzly handle shipping and delivery?2019-10-11T16:36:20-05:00

When you order on-line you can choose to have your order shipped directly to your preferred address. Shipping is handled by PostCanada. Estimated costs and delivery date for each shipment are based on distance between Grizzly Montréal and your preferred address of delivery, and will appear on your order form when you place your order.

You can also choose to pick up your photographs at Grizzly Montréal. We are located at 160 St-Viateur Est, #508, Montreal, QC H2T 1A8

Buy a fine art photography, a gesture of solidarity

The artist photographers and Grizzly Montréal are mobilizing to help the most vulnerable people overcome this challenging period.



Maple molding (black, white or clear wood) for Face Mounting with frame.