Don’t mention digital, or touchups, or cropping, much less staging to her. Marie-Josée Gagné photographs just what’s there–nothing more. Starting with the sensuality of landscapes, and their tenderness, and their purity, which she treats as boldly as nudes. Immortalizing them in natural light exposes the very fragrance of that Tuscany, where all the aromas of the art of living in Italy converge or the immensity of Québec, where she is drawn back to appreciate her roots and find renewed inspiration.

Dividing her life between Quebec and Tuscany, her artistic projects have been recognized on two occasions in Los Angeles. More recently, her works can be found on the walls of specialty restaurants and in Palais Montcalm, in Quebec City, where a series of major works takes time to remember the artists who have appeared in this prestigious hall with exceptional acoustics.